More About Lotus Flower Motifs! (On Bowls)

Using Lotus flower motifs in art – specifically in ceramic art – was first popularized in India with the rise of Buddhism (although it was also used in ancient Egypt as well!). Symbolizing rebirth and purity, the flower is still the national flower of the country today. After the decline of Buddhism in the area, their practices, beliefs, and art style moved towards the east into mainland China, then to countries such as Japan and Korea. Both in historic and contemporary ceramic bowls from this part of the world, it is easy to notice how Indian lotus flower motifs were incorporated into other Asian art.


One thought on “More About Lotus Flower Motifs! (On Bowls)

  1. These designs are absolutely incredible! The first bowl displays a dynamic form which many of your pieces seem to take inspiration from. The lotus designs are intricate and delicate but can also emphasize specific areas of the bowl. For example, the last image features a larger and wider flower on the belly, expanding the piece and giving it the sense of feeling full, or even breathing. I’ve seen you apply many of these techniques and cant wait to see your finished products! Great point of interest!


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