Adam Field – Maressa Garcia

Adam, Adam, Adam…

Adam Field is my favorite ceramics artist now. I love his work! He explained in his artist lecture (my favorite part) about his Ongigi Pot experience. He had gone to Korea and made these giant storage jars and that was all he did. He only got to keep three, and had to cut the rest in half to view his work. He would cut it down the middle to check the width of the walls and consistency, etc. In his artist talk he also explains how he used a laser to carve and chose only one or two glazes out of ten to use in his work. One was a satin glaze and the other was a gloss glaze (but they were the same glazes). He used those glazes and put them into different types of firing which resulted in very different glaze results. All were beautiful my favorite was the gas firing. He talked about knowing what a $20 pot was and what a $40,000 pot was and how you should know the difference. He talk about his patterns and how he realized what was too much pattern and what was too little pattern. He also learned how to talk about his work, which he said was kind of hard to learn about but it tied into why knowing what is a $20 pot and what is a $40,000 pot. My favorite pieces of his would be his cups in the light blue with the carving on top and those looks.


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