Pueblo Ceramic Mugs

I originally came into contact with Pueblo pottery when doing research for the first assignment. I keep coming back to this culture for its abstract surface designs and cerebral forms. Pueblo ceramics often find a balance between organic and abstract–creating forms that combine wide, rounded bellies with angled edges. I particularly enjoy the grounded and weighty nature of these mugs. The first mug pictured features my favorite form, while the second image gives insight into the types of handles I’d like to emulate.

Pueblo ceramic mug ( 900 – 1300 AD ) #ceramics #pottery:

Pueblo Ceramic Mug (900-1300 AD)

This mug, made in the 13th century (A.D. 1200s), represents the exceptional artistic expression of the Ancestral Puebloan people.  Mesa Verde pottery typically featured black geometric patterns applied with a yucca paintbrush on a grayish white background.  These patterns were remarkable for their balance and design.:

Mesa Verde black-on-white mugs:


A mid-20th century revival of Pueblo design by Acoma potter, Sarah Garcia

The form here is absolutely incredible and the handle is an innovation I’d like to try my hand at.


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