Antique Cups from the 1700s/1800s

  1. Rare Early Worcester Peacock Coffee Cup and Saucer. 1758 England.
    • Very pretty color, nice and simple form!
  2. Chelsea Custard Cup and Saucer. 1755 England.
    • I enjoy the subtle curve of the cup!
  3. Hochst Blue and White Porcelain Cup and Saucer – The “Immortelle” Pattern. 1770 Germany.
    • I’ve been interested in using majolica and copying the appearance/aesthetic of porcelain, so I think this is a good example to follow. I also like the dainty handle!
  4. A Meissen Quatre-Lobed cup and Saucer. 1763 to 1774 Germany.
    • This looks really fancy! The intricate handle is a nice touch and the lustre is used well.
  5. Sevres Ice Cups. 1793 to 1800 France.
    • I love the foot on these! The handles look difficult to handle, but they’re pretty nonetheless.



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