Lidded Jars: Exploring Mortality

Historical Inspiration: Egyptian Canopic Jars

Egyptian Canopic jars were used to house an individual’s organs in burial, during the mummification process. The jars simultaneously address the mortal components of an individual’s corporeal body while motioning to the immortal journey that the soul takes after death. The jars not only make use of visually stunning sculptural and surface techniques, but also maintain a conceptual depth that connects them with the more cerebral requirements in this project.

Image result for egyptian canopic jars

Image result for egyptian canopic jars

Contemporary Inspiration: Sam Scott

Sam Scott’s work pairs twisting forms and various glaze techniques to evoke various emotions. Some forms look as though they are twisting in on themselves, while others appear full, as though they are about to burst. These formal elements, in my opinion, connect to various emotions- anxiety, tranquility, love, etc.

Image result for jim connell pottery Image result for jim connell potteryImage result for jim connell pottery


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