Decal Information

To have your decal printed you have to use a ‘materials sheet’ that can be found in the decal binder in the glaze room, it is 6 dollars per 8.5″x11″ sheet. Keep the receipt.

The page that your image is on needs to be 8.5″x11″, and all images need to be at least 1/4″ from the edge. Higher saturation means a brighter print (Saturation can be adjusted by going to Image>Adjustments>Hue/saturation)

Ready your image for printing by making sure it is in RGB mode (You can change/ make sure of the mode you have it in by going to Image>Mode>RGB Color) And in 300 dpi (You can set resolution by going to Image>Image size> There will be a resolution option in the box underneath the sizing options.

Save your file as a jpeg! Email your file to Your file should be named with your last name and file number, so mine would be Klotz1.jpeg

If your image/ drawing has a white background it will need to go on white glaze/slip The white of the image does net transfer since we take it off of the paper to apply and the printer does not print white it just uses the white of the paper. So like if you have a line drawing with a white background, and you apply it to a yellow matte cup it will be a line drawing on yellow.

The form that you have to fill out (which is located in the decal binder in the glaze room) asks you to decide if you want it fluxed or unfluxed. Fluxed will be shiny, unfluxed will be more matte.

Once you fill out the form and have emailed your file put your form with receipt attached in the decal request folder (on the wall to the left as you enter the glaze room, near the first aid kit).

I will be firing to decal kiln on Thursday, a day after we unload the glaze kiln. If you can be there to load that would be nice but if you can’t please tell me or comment on this how many you will have in so I know I’m not missing any. I know it seems rushed but it’s better to fire decals pretty quickly after applying them.


My decal page for reference, in case you were confused with having to place the photo on a separate file. I added a black border so you could see distance from the edges to the images, don’t add a border in yours lol.




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