Entering the show I was immediately drawn to Brielle’s work. Her show ‘Hotten(thot)’ presented a vary of photo collage cut outs of the female body. Along these collages she incorporated humorous lyrics of famous hip-hop songs that exploited women. There was a strong contrast between the humorous lyrics and very serious photography. Its almost as she makes you want to reflect on the way you reacted towards the lyrics. The installation also had wall mounted objects like a magnifying glass that gave me the impression we are viewing the female body as nothing but just an object. The way she made the cut outs of her photography was in a very surreal manner. I found myself stuck on certain body parts just to try and figure them out, I enjoyed the mystery to some next to the very obviously cut out parts. I also found the way she presented her collages really pushed the more objectified women body to my head as we’re viewing them more like surgeons or maybe even scientists with the pins and samples. Brielle’s work was really interesting to me and will be keeping an eye open for her work in the future.


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