ART 2770C/2752C

ART 2770C/2752C  Throwing: Skills and Concepts 

University of Florida, School of Art and Art History

Office Hours: Wed 2-3 in Room B12 

Course Description:

In this course we will explore techniques of using the potter’s wheel to make functional pottery an expressive art form. The content expressed in the vessels will be driven by conceptual research and an examination of historical and contemporary pottery. Class participants will be involved in each phase of the ceramic process: forming, trimming, surfacing, and firing. This introduction to utilitarian ceramics will provide students with the fundamentals of artistic decision-making: development of personal expression, strategies for design decisions that express the maker’s ideas to others, and discussion of works in critique. 

Course Objectives:

As a result of completing this course the students will:

  • Develop the physical skills of using a potter’s wheel as a tool for shaping clay.
  • Examine the process of designing and making functional pottery.
  • Evaluate the aesthetic of pottery form.
  • Execute personal content decisions and aesthetic judgment to make expressive art within the parameters of functional pottery. 
  • Study areas of world ceramic art history that have used thrown form and/or materials and processes related to those in this class.
  • Describe the content behind the work.
  • Analyze each other’s work in critique.


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Fairbank, ART 2770C:2752C Syllabus, Spring 2017, Updated March 20